About Maslamani Company

Maslamani company is one of the biggest companies in Palestine with extended experience since 1952 in roasted nuts and seeds, it is also a Palestinian brand from the Holy Land, a local brand and a brand for seeds and nuts packed in large quantities and fresh with more than fifty different products and flavor with original recipe since the ancestors and developed into the best high production system quality in accordance with local international regulations of the food administration.


 Our Vision

To be a leading company with the first brand in Palestine to offer a selection of premium chocolates and nuts.

Our Message

Al-Maslamani Company is constantly working on developing the brand (Naqaresh, Armish, and Maslamani) and innovating new brands with the latest technology and employing the best green manufacturing practices to reflect our luxury of nuts and chocolates and their attractive packaging. We persevere in order to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction for our customers and clients in Palestine and abroad. We look forward to empowering a capable team to carry out innovative work professionally, and we are committed to social responsibility in its various forms.

Our Exclusive Agencies

Solen, Amada, Bodeco, Time, Prestige, Cloetta,